WWE's Cesaro Accepts WrestleMania 37 Challenge From Seth Rollins on SmackDown

Seth Rollins came out amped to take on Shinsuke Nakamura, but before the match, Rollins was pretty [...]

Seth Rollins came out amped to take on Shinsuke Nakamura, but before the match, Rollins was pretty livid about being swung around by Cesaro so much on the last episode of SmackDown. He let everyone know just how upset he was, but his rant was cut a little short thanks to Nakamura. The two had a great match, and Rollins ended up picking up the victory. He used that momentum to shout from the rooftops how much he was over being embarrassed by Cesaro and said he wouldn't ever be swung around by him again, though he was very wrong about that.

Rollins said he would never be swung again, and challenged Cesaro to a match at WrestleMania 37. His time on the mic was cut short by Cesaro, who went for the swing but Rollins managed to escape it.

Cesaro would catch up though and slammed him into some of the equipment backstage. Cesaro then proved Rollins wrong and started swinging Rollins around, and at one point looked to break the record for longest swing. He finally let Rollins down and said: "challenge accepted".

Rollins was clearly angry, and it appears the two will have the spotlight in a big match at WrestleMania to put an end to this feud once and for all.

Here's how the WrestleMania Night 1 and 2 cards shake out currently.

Night 1:

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre

SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair

Bad Bunny vs The Miz

Night 2:

Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs Edge

Raw Women's Champion Asuka vs Rhea Ripley

The Fiend Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton

There are 3 other matches that aren't assigned to a night yet, including Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day vs AJ Styles and Omos, Shane McMahon vs Braun Strowman, and now Rollins vs Cesaro. We'll have to wait and see where it ends up in the lineup, but we'll let you know when we find out.

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