WWE SummerSlam: Riddle and Seth Rollins Brawl in a Surprise Segment

Despite being sidelined with a storyline injury, Riddle still appeared on WWE SummerSlam to call out Seth Rollins. The King of Bros hit the ring to demand that Rollins come out and face him, which Rollins responded to by rushing the squared circle and brawling with his rival. Security would attempt to separate the two, but not before Rollins landed a stomp to Riddle's injured neck. Rollins would slowly retreat as Riddle tended to his neck, shouting that Riddle should have never called him out in the first place.

Check out highlights from the surprise segment below.

Riddle and Rollins were originally scheduled to face each other in a singles match on SummerSlam, but creative plans changed on Monday Night Raw. To accommodate the change, WWE ran an injury angle on Raw which saw Riddle take a stomp from Rollins on the steel ring steps.

"For anyone who purchased a ticket to #SummerSlam hoping to see me in action, I apologize," Rollins wrote on Twitter following the news that his match had been taken off the card. "I did everything I could over the last 6 months to earn my spot on this show, but some things are out of my control. Thank you for always singing my song. They'll hear ya someday."

New head of creative Paul "Triple H" Levesque responded by simply writing, "I hear you!" This led to fan speculation that Rollins could still have a match on the show, possibly against a surprise opponent similar to how his WWE WrestleMania 38 bout went down. Theories ranged from Johnny Gargano to Bray Wyatt as possible opponents for Rollins.

Regardless of his lack of match, Rollins still appeared to brawl with Riddle, and showed up in his trademark flashy attire. Rollins recently revealed that his gear is made from the same designer that works with his wife, Becky Lynch, on her outfits.

"My ring gear designs Sarath Ton, husband of Sasha Banks, former wrestler (Kid Mikaze) and now a designer in WWE, he and his collaborator Jolene are amazing," Rollins said. "The stylist is 'King' Troi Anthoni from Los Angeles, who also works for Becky and other stars. He browses the special suits and marching robes for me when it comes to looking extra sharp. Becky and I also come up with ideas ourselves and the others then do their wild things (laughs), in the end it's a joint effort by everyone."

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