WWE Superstar Thanks 'Papa H' After Return to Twitch

A WWE superstar recently returned to streaming on Twitch, as Drew Gulak has been playing some Metal Gear Revengeance and answering questions from fans over the past week. Gulak hadn't streamed in quite a while, and many WWE superstars who had been on active on Twitch stopped their streams after a memo from Vince McMahon halted the use of third-party platforms. That included Cameo and Twitch, and while WWE has since worked out a deal with Cameo, there had been no word on Twitch. Gulak posted about his return to streaming and shouted out Triple H, though during his stream he also shared some thoughts on reports of the overall Twitch and streaming situation.

On Twitter, Gulak wrote "Yes, I am streaming on Twitch again. Thank you, Papa H! Also my cousin is here with me still and he insisted... please come ask him questions. 😁" During that stream, he was evidently asked if WWE had changed its position on streaming and Twitch, and Gulak said he really didn't know, but added that some stuff was made up.

"No. I actually don't really know," Gulak said. "The company's stance is still the same. It's fine. Everybody is fine. That's the stance. We're all good. I don't know why y'all make that stuff up."

Regardless of WWE's official stance, it's awesome to see WWE superstars streaming again, and hopefully more end up jumping back on their previous streams. Streaming is a fantastic way to build community and interact with fans (just look at Johnny Gargano, Dakota Kai, and more), and it will only be an asset to the superstars and their followings, which means it's also an asset to WWE and their overall product.

The previous issues with streaming began when Vince McMahon sent an email to talent in October of 2020, saying that the company would be taking control of accounts. This was an issue for several stars at the time, including Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli), Zelina Vega, Xavier Woods, Paige (Saraya), Alistair Black, and AJ Styles. Since then Black and Castagnoli have departed for AEW, while Vega was released from the company but was then brought back.

WWE hasn't officially commented on their stance on third-party platforms or if that internal stance has changed, so we'll just have to see what happens.

H/T Fightful