Report: Why Did WWE Have Drew McIntyre Win Back the WWE Championship?

Drew McIntyre's 200+ day reign as WWE Champion was brought to an unceremonious end back at Hell in a Cell when he dropped the title to Randy Orton. Fans were perplexed by the decision at the time, given that McIntyre had already beaten Orton in back-to-back pay-per-view defenses and "The Viper" had lost most of the momentum he'd build up from his feud with Edge earlier in the three via losses at SummerSlam, Payback at Clash of Champions. McIntyre then won back the title on this week's Raw, ending Orton's 14th reign as world champion at 22 days with zero successful defenses.

So why make the switch back? And why have the title change hands at all? According to Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer it was for a few reasons. He explained the original switch was so the feud between the two stars could continue, and McIntyre won it back so that a babyface could be the one to fight Roman Reigns at Survivor Series this coming Sunday.

"They had nothing going on and they had already done a bunch of Randy Orton/ Drew McIntyre matches that Drew McIntyre kept winning, and to keep it going they had to have Randy Orton win one, so they did," Meltzer said. "But in the end, yeah I guess they could have held off until the pay-per-view, but I guess they wanted a babyface/heel dynamic in this match."

He also explained how a match between McIntyre and Reigns lives up to the hype of having the top star on each brand face each other on a pay-per-view centered around Raw and SmackDown battling.


McIntyre has talked about his excitement regarding a feud with Reigns (now that he's "The Tribal Chief") in recent months.

"I think the thing is to keep us on the path we're currently on," McIntyre said while on the In The Kliq Podcast. "Roman, keep doing what he's doing with his new character, and me finally being myself. Actually, I think it's more Roman being himself. Both of us are being ourselves now and keep developing these characters to get to the point where everybody knows them inside and out, and we take them as far as we can possibly take them. And eventually, when we have that big match down the line, it can be at that high, high level. Even if we did it sooner, it would still be a big match because, you know, Roman's been the standard-bearer for the longest time. The past seven, eight years, he's been the top dog, big dog, main-eventing four WrestleManias in a row. But now he's taken this turn where he's basically saying, 'Hey, I did all this stuff, look at me.' Rather than the humble Roman we knew from the past, he's saying, 'I did it. No one else could do it.' I think on the flip side, the way I've been going, I'm proving I can do it. I am doing it, and I'm going to continue to do it. I think it's going to be an interesting clash of some 'Chosen Ones' when it finally comes."