Drew McIntyre on Triple H Comparing His Next Roman Reigns Match to Steve Austin vs. The Rock

Triple H made the bold claim during a New York Comic Con this year that if and when Drew McIntyre [...]

Triple H made the bold claim during a New York Comic Con this year that if and when Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns faced each other in the ring again, it would be similar to the Steve Austin vs. The Rock WrestleMania trilogy or the long-awaited Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair rivalry back in the early 90s. "The Game" said at the time, "I would love to see that percolate because I think that a couple of years down the road Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre is a Hulk Hogan-Ric Flair scenario, Rock-'Stone Cold' Steve Austin scenario, and you don't want to hit that before it peaks. That's what makes the draft so exciting to me is those moments in time where you were like, 'well, what if?' and then 'what if' becomes a reality."

McIntyre appeared on the In the Kliq podcast this week and was asked to give his reaction to those comments. The two first clashed at WrestleMania 35, and since then Reigns has reinvented himself as "The Tribal Chief" while McIntyre has risen to main event world champion status.

"[Hearing that] was a surprise, but I was very appreciative on such a high compliment," McIntyre said (h/t Wrestling Inc.). "Hunter - he's the one who brought me back to WWE. He's watched my entire career evolve and then devolve, and then re-evolve in front of his eyes. So it's cool now, at this stage, that they can see me at such a level."

"I think the thing is to keep us on the path we're currently on," he continued. "Roman, keep doing what he's doing with his new character, and me finally being myself. Actually, I think it's more Roman being himself. Both of us are being ourselves now and keep developing these characters to get to the point where everybody knows them inside and out, and we take them as far as we can possibly take them. And eventually, when we have that big match down the line, it can be at that high, high level. Even if we did it sooner, it would still be a big match because, you know, Roman's been the standard-bearer for the longest time. The past seven, eight years, he's been the top dog, big dog, main-eventing four WrestleManias in a row. But now he's taken this turn where he's basically saying, 'Hey, I did all this stuff, look at me.' Rather than the humble Roman we knew from the past, he's saying, 'I did it. No one else could do it.' I think on the flip side, the way I've been going, I'm proving I can do it. I am doing it, and I'm going to continue to do it. I think it's going to be an interesting clash of some 'Chosen Ones' when it finally comes."

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