WWE WrestleMania 39: Major Update on Main Event Plans, Roman Reigns Taking Time Off

The WrestleMania 39 main event between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship could potentially see the culmination of the years-long storyline regarding Reigns and The Bloodline. "The Tribal Chief" is nearing 1,000 consecutive days as world champion, but between Rhodes' white-hot momentum, Jey Uso's wavering loyalty to the faction, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens finally joining forces to try and win the unified tag titles and Rhodes' prediction on how each member of the group will eventually leave Reigns, it looks like "The American Nightmare" is poised to hand Reigns his first defeat in years. 

However, @WrestleVotes took to Twitter on Tuesday to reveal nothing is set in stone as far as who will win the main event. They told GiveMeSport this week that Reigns is preparing for a "significant break" from WWE programming that could see him gone until SummerSlam in August.

"I can imagine there's probably a significant break, at least a month even longer, until there's a major show that requires Roman Reigns. You may not see him until SummerSlam though. He'll be away for a little bit," the insider reported. They then noted the break is contingent on whether or not Reigns drops the titles to Rhodes. 

Cody Rhodes on His WWE Championship Plans

While Reigns has been operating on a part-time schedule since unifying the Universal and WWE Championships last April, Rhodes wants to do something significantly different. He compared the schedule he wants as a fighting champion to that of Ric Flair and Bret Hart.

"I've made a great career out of proving people wrong, and I've taken the attitude as of now about proving people right, especially this new audience with WWE that has really warmly welcomed me back," Rhodes told Stadium Astro recently. "A whole new audience that kind of pairs well with the independent audience I was able to bring over and hopefully bring as many folks as I could. They pair so well together. It's vindication for both those who are just in it now; this is their first ride with 'The American Nightmare.' They like what they're seeing. Then, it's vindication for those who have been there every step of the way.

"Like the song Kingdom says, 'I'll follow you till the end.' When is the end? Is the end when I win the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, or is the end when I win that title and then take it every single place I can possibly take it and excel and deliver on a level that no champion has done in years? I want to cut a schedule like Bret Hart, like Ric Flair. I want to do something very different than modern champions have done, where there's a bit of a 'less is more' schedule. I want a 'more is more' schedule. It would mean vindication for me, for sure," he added.