WWE's Xia Li Reveals Inspiration for Superhero SmackDown Vignettes

After being drafted to WWE SmackDown, Xia Li received a number of vignettes in the lead-up to her arrival on the blue brand. Those vignettes were pretty slick and had an almost comic book style feel, though they also effectively conveyed a bit of Li's real-life story. In an interview with DailyDDT, Li was asked about the vignettes and her new character, and she revealed they are 100% accurate, putting her real story out there in a fresh superhero dream style way. She goes on to say that WWE asked about her background and her family when they were creating the vignettes, but she wasn't sure what they would actually look like until she saw them live.

"They asked about my background and about my family, so I told them my story," Li said. "That vignette is a real story about my real life. I'm really happy they put my real story on TV and there's a lot of feeling there. When they [aired] it, I cried. If I have that feeling, they will have that same feeling. Also, I had a dream, like a superhero dream, when I was a child, so this is kind of my dream come true with a superhero dream on TV. I'm very happy that they have this whole package for me and they did an amazing job."

"I'm surprised they did this whole package for me," Li said. "I didn't know. I found out at the same time as you. When it came up, I'm sitting in the back like, 'Oh my god, so good!' They did an amazing job. I really appreciate that."

It's kind of the same way she found out about her move from NXT to SmackDown in the WWE Draft. "Actually, I found out while I was eating at home," Li said. "I just hear my phone go beep, beep, beep and there were many messages. I'm thinking, 'What just happened? Why is it so busy? Oh, I got drafted!' That's how I found out. Before that, I was having some dark matches at SmackDown, so I know that's the test."

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