Xavier Woods Addresses the Possibility of The New Day Breaking Up

If one takes Xavier Woods at his word, it's going to be a long time before The New Day breaks up. [...]

If one takes Xavier Woods at his word, it's going to be a long time before The New Day breaks up. A really long time.

During a recent interview with Give Me Sport, Woods addressed what has been a topic of discussion for quite some time: what happens when The New Day breaks up? And will it happen?

"I don't remember a group in wrestling that hasn't turned on itself, or they'll turn, then come back and be a group again," Woods said. "New Day - I'm telling you this right now - New Day will never turn. Ever. And that's because we have zero desire to ever do that. I have zero desire to go to work and not work with my friends," Woods said.

While there's always a bit of kayfabe mixed in to interviews like this, his comments here ring very true. The New Day is a bit different from many teams in wrestling history because of how close the group really is when the cameras stop rolling. They have a great time together on television, and are such an engaging act, largely because of the real life friendship that shines through.

The New Day are now five time tag team champions and show no signs of slowing down.

Woods continued, "People say on Twitter, 'New Day is doing this, Big E is going to turn, this is happening. Oh, Woods is the snarky one, he's going to turn. Oh, Kofi's been up at the top of the mountain before, he's gonna turn!'" Woods continued. "It's like, why? We are having the most fun we've ever had in our careers. It's not like someone's like, 'Oh, I need to sabotage my friends to be champ.' What is it to be champ when you're a champ by yourself? You're standing up there alone on this cold mountainous castle? That's not fun. I'd rather be up there with my friends. Especially, if Kofi wins the Heavyweight Title, I'm also the Heavyweight Champion because we have 'The New Day Rule' and we share it. Just basic mathematics, we have a better chance of becoming Heavyweight Champion if we stay a group and we just share it."

With three members, The New Day is more than just a tag team, they are a true faction. It's not hard to imagine the scenario, as Woods described above, where one of them splits off into singles action and wins a title with the other two team members backing him up.

H/T to Wrestling Inc.