Exclusive: Arrow's Diggle (David Ramsey) Talks Suicide Squad and Green Lantern

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    i dont want diggle to be green lantern john stewart

  1. it seems like John Diggle Stewart is something they're seriously considering - and im so up for that, but hasnt The Flash been teasing more Hal Jordan?

  2. I'm not sure. I am an episode behind on Flash. I would love to see Green Lantern, too. It will be extremely tough to see him fit into that Arrow Universe though, like David said. It would seem like...all problems would be solved much easier, and you can't give him his own show because you can't take him off of Arrow.

  3. No, Flash has been making use of a Ferris Aircraft field. Although, I have written to the show and told them that since they are doing work on the airfield, it isn't much of a stretch for them to run into Hal Jorda as an easter egg. 

  4. I love what is happening on these shows. It is the closest competition to the super hero movies that we've gotten and they keep getting better. 

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