Chip Zdarsky Opens Up About Jughead

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  1. Jughead is the #0 The Fool of the tarot deck , he is a trickster archetype . Seeing him tied down to an everyday suburban high school with your average teenage issues is fascinating, this is a very complex being who does more than just scarf down burgers, I would enjoy to see the writers challenged by him , and not fit him in an asexual , normal average box . This character is a wild card , and is capable of sheer chaos . Now is your chance to seize this character , he is pure gold , do not normalize him and fit him in your mold . Break him , tear him apart , and recreate him , he will surprise you . And one more thing Veronica , she is his Yin to his Yang , there is serious hate/love and sexual tension between the two . Archie , Riverdale and money , normalizes and represses her , Jughead frees her . She is a dark goddess ...

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