EXCLUSIVE: Arrow's Diggle To Help The Flash Take On King Shark

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    • kwu5765
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    Diggle is just such a remarkable character regarding his past with his family. Especially now that he's found his brother. It's quite interesting to see his uneasiness when he's around the Flash team. Quite excited to see how well they work together!

  1. David Ramsey revealed it during Heroes&Villains Fan Fest a few months back but it went relatively unnoticed at the time.

  2. King Shark will eat Diggle's helmet so Cisco can design him another one.

  3. David Ramsey has been very into the show and having a crossover between him and Barry wil be the best night ever since they were kinda like buddies on Flash VS Arrow with both Diggle and Lyla

    • Flash187
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    This is remarkable for two reasons. One, it's King Shark!! I can't believe we have King Shark on TV. So awesome. And the second, for a character that was created for TV and probably wasn't even supposed to last more than a season, Diggle has certainly been accepted by the fans. I think he's a good character and is a testament to David Ramsay's portrayal of Diggs. Look forward to the episode....

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