The Flash's Andrew Kreisberg Says Three Flashes Could Happen Down the Road

(Photo: The CW)

The Flash seems, sometimes, like it's setting up to be a show of nothing but speedsters. There's Barry Allen, of course, the titular Flash. Then there's the Reverse-Flash, the villain from the future. There's also the mysterious speedster Zoom, over on Earth-2 (primarily). We've also been introduced to Jesse Chambers Wells, who is destined to be Jesse Quick. Plus there's Jay Garrick, The Flash of Earth-2, and he has an Earth-1 counterpart named Hunter Zolomon, which may be a bigger deal than just an Easter Egg.

Add to all of those characters Wally West joining the cast in the middle of this season, and there's a lot of speed force potential out there. Wally West, in the comics, becomes Kid Flash and even did a stint as The Flash himself for a time, after all.

So are we getting a scene this year of Wally, Jay, and Barry side-by-side-by-side as The Flash? Don't hold your breath, it sounds like, is executive producer Andrew Kreisberg's answer to EW.

"I guess that could happen down the road. I wouldn't want to say no, but so much of that stuff is a little bit further into the future than we've planned for right now," he said when asked about the three Flashes. He hinted that Wally's journey to Kid Flash is similar to Roy Harper's as Arsenal on Arrow, where there was a good amount of "fighting in a red hoodie" before any kind of costume was donned.

For now, we can just keep trying to figure out the identity of Zoom, and hope that we get a race between Supergirl and The Flash this year.