Action Lab Releases Tomboy #1 For Free Digitally


The first issue of Mia Goodwin's Tomboy has been made available for free on Noisetrade, with the option to donate a "tip" to Goodwin if you enjoy the issue.

Tomboy is a horror comic revolving around a teenage girl whose best friend is killed on her birthday. She seeks revenge in an unexpected way, and ultimately turns to her grandfather, a retired police officer, for help.

The first TPB will be out this's a little incentive to get you hooked. Download your free copy of Issue 1: Anathema Calling

Posted by Tomboy on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It was, in this writer's opinion, the most surprising and entertaining new series of 2015.

Tomboy #3 just came out on February 3, and you should be reading this comic. You can check out the official synopsis below.

The death of a childhood friend sparks a series of events that lead Addison from teenage field hockey player to a murderer of criminals. There's no lack of targets for her in a city built on corruption, but payback doesn't come for free. Addison's reality begins to blur in the pursuit of vengeance and justice is used as justification to become a monster.