Supergirl And The Flash Race In New Teaser

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    • wheelwork
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    Pleeeeassse make it stop!!!

  1. YES. Honestly all I wanted out of this was a chance to see them race.

    • CB126873
    • 2 Posts in 11 Months

    @comicbook Stop putting play buttons on your Facebook posts' thumbnails. You clearly have the image. It's tacky and irresponsible.

    • CB113626
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    wheelwork, nobody is forcing you to watch a thing. If you don't wanna watch it, then don't click the link, simple.

    • CB133208
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    We've been through this, if Superman can't win then super girl cant. i still have the comic book(its an old one) where super tells the flash that he almost beat him and the flash pretty much says i can beat you anytime i want in mere kiloseconds, i just let you compete.

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