'Dragon Ball Heroes' Anime Releases First Trailer

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'Dragon Ball Heroes' Anime Releases First Trailer

Man Of Steel Review: Henry Cavill Is Superman

Man of Steel ReviewsEver since Man of Steel started doing test screenings, early reviews have started leaking out. All the reviews seem to have one thing in common. They are all extremely positive. In fact, Nikki Finke of Deadline slipped in her own feedback on the Man of Steel in a post about Jack the Giant Slayer bombing. In mentioning upcoming movies, Finke referenced, "the hotly anticipated Man Of Steel which by many accounts overdelivers. (That’s the buzz following its first internal screening.)" We assume overdelivers is meant to be a good thing and that she isn't criticizing the movie for being too good.

Another new anonymous review also recently showed up on a message board. Here are some spoiler free highlights. According to the reviewer, who professes to not being a comics fan, "The movie is good, and entertaining. I don't think I'll use hyperbole of calling it the best movie of the year two months in, but it's a top five, if not top three, superhero movie." The reviewer also adds, " I think this is the best live action version of Superman and it does a great job of making him feel relatable."

The reviewer describes the movie as having a very similar feel to a Christopher Nolan movie. Of course, Christopher Nolan was a producer on the film, but Nolan has always stated that Man of Steel is very much Zack Snyder's vision.

In the trailers released so far for Man of Steel, there haven't been many action sequences shown, but the reviewer says there are plenty of action scenes in the actual movie. According to the reviewer, "The action is great in the movie. There is fair bit of it. It feels like The Matrix. By that, I mean it's quite over the top." The reviewer also adds, "I'll have to re-watch Avengers, but I think I enjoyed the action in this movie more than any other superhero movie because it just had a lot of weight behind it."

As far as Henry Cavill's performance, the reviewer states, "Henry Cavill is Superman to me now. I like his take on the character. I don't really care necessarily how Superman/Clark Kent is in the comics. But Henry has a really good performance and brings a new Superman for the modern era. One who is powerful, strong, and inhumane in ability, yet also relatable and earns our sympathy."