The Walking Dead: When Daryl Licked Carol

Daryl licks CarolNot since Norman Reedus posted a photo of Daryl looking like a zombie has a Walking Dead photo generated this much buzz. The other day Reedus tweeted a photo of himself licking the side of the face of Melissa McBride, who plays Carol. The photo has quickly become a hot topic of conversation on various social media sites.

Of course, ever since Carol flirted with Daryl in the season 3 premiere, Walking Dead fans have been clamoring for the two characters to get together. Could Norman Reedus be hinting at a possible plot point for season four?

In an interview on AMC about what might be in store for season four of The Walking Dead, creator Robert Kirkman hinted that Daryl could find romance. Robert Kirkman said, “Never say never! I think that it could happen eventually. I wouldn't want to spoil anything, but Daryl is a complex character and he's really got a lot of emotional hurdles to get over in his life. It is kind of odd that we haven't seen him in that kind of romantic light, but I think that adds a layer to the character that makes him a little more mysterious and a little cooler. But I wouldn't rule out some kind of love interest for him in the future.”

In an interview with EW, Norman Reedus also addressed the possibility of Daryl and Carol finding romance. Norman Reedus said, “If it happens, it happens. I want it to be awkward when it happens. I want it to be really awkward. I want her to make the first move.”

Well, Daryl licking Carol on the side of the face would definitely qualify as really awkward, but it wouldn’t qualify as letting Carol make the first move. Melissa McBride certainly seems to be enjoying the lick.