Starbucks Chooses Morrison's Action Comics as First-Ever Free Comic 0


Action Comics #1Starbucks has chosen DC Comics’s Action Comics #1 by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales as their Pick of the Week, marking the first time that the cafe chain has chosen a comic book as their week's free book.

According to DC, Starbucks locations across the U.S. will offer cards with free download codes for Action Comics #1, redeemable on Apple's iBookstore. The promotion runs from June 11 - 17.

If your local location doesn't have a download card, you can bring a wireless device with access to iTunes into a Starbucks store and download it using the in-store Wi-Fi.

Action Comics #1 kicked off Superman's story in the New 52 and received largely positive reviews. It originally retailed for $3.99. A number of other retailers, including Sears, Barnes & Noble (who have Starbucks cafes inside of them--will you get a twofer there?) and your local comic shop will be giving away free copies of Morrison's All-Star Superman #1 with purchases tomorrow for Man of Steel Day.

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