The Star Wars Trilogy Takes Some Heat in New YouTube Humor Video

Somebody had to do it. While the original Star Wars trilogy is almost always immune to criticism or critiques, "The Entire Star Wars Trilogy in 3 Minutes" gives some much-needed teasing to the galaxy far, far away.

Created by the YouTube group TL;DW, the video breezes through the entire trilogy with a sense of snark that would take most Jedi Master's a lifetime to master. Nothing is left off of the table, as the video's two narrators poke fun at the Death Star's worm monster, (most) of the cast's uneventful careers after 1983, and Lando Calrissian's lack of credit for destroying The Death Star II. The true stroke of brilliance, however, is their casual use of the term "Boba Fettish."

With slick animation and editing, the video is definitely worth the three minutes out of anyone's day. At the very least, it takes a little heat off of the prequels--but not much.