Chris Burnham Reveals Jonathan Hickman's Nameless Variant


Artist Chris Burnham has revealed a new variant for the upcoming Image series Nameless.  But the variant isn't by Burnham--it's actually illustrated by Jonathan Hickman, of all people.

Hickman, widely known as one of Marvel Comics’ top writers, does occasionally provide artwork as well, often in the form of a variant cover for one of his own series. Though it has been some time since Hickman's contributed a new piece of art for publication, especially for another creative team’s title.

Nameless, written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Chris Burnham, brings the "Batman, Inc." team over to Image Comics for a six-issue horror miniseries. The comic begins with a group of astronauts who must save Earth from a devastating asteroid, which only ignites the story’s darker and more disturbing encounter with extra terrestrials.


Nameless #1 arrives in comic shops and digital storefronts on February 12th.