Rejoice! Archer Vice is Now on Netflix

Archer-ViceFans of the hit animated series Archer woke up to a nice surprise today: Netflix has added the show's fifth season, last year's Archer Vice, to its offerings.

We don't often cover the comings and goings of movies on Netflix, but with Archer it tends to be something of an event. More than most TV series, it seems to join the Netflix lineup late and, as often as not, when fans least expect it. Probably more than any other TV series we cover, we are inundated with "when will Netflix update?" inquiries whenever we write about the show.

In the series' fifth year, showrunner Adam Reed wanted a game-changer, so he had the U.S. government raid and dismantle the spy-or-hire organization at the center of the show. With a glut of seized evidence and weapons but no official charter, the mercenary group formerly known as ISIS threw in the towel on the spy biz and entered the South American drug trade.

By Season Six, they're returning to the show's original spy premise, albeit with a facelift and a name change, since ISIS has become synonymous with real-world Islamic militants and the prospect of FX selling merchandise branded with the organization's logo could be problematic.