Furious 7 Screenings Halted In Thailand


Thailand has put the brakes on their release of Furious 7, as part of an ongoing legal dispute with Thailand native and Furious 7 actor Tony Jaa.

Following an injunction from Sahamongkolfilm International, a Thailand filming group, the film will no longer hit it’s target April 1 release date. The injunction stems from an alleged management contract breach between Jaa and the film group that runs until 20203. As part of the contract, Jaa was only allowed to make films under Sahamongkol production umbrella.

But as of past few years, Jaa claimed that the contract had expired, and began making movies with other studios like Furious 7’s Universal Pictures. While Jaa claims the contract expired, Sahamongkol says they renewed it.

Unfortunately for those hoping to catch Furious 7 in Thailand this spring, it doesn’t look like Thailand’s courts will review the case until June. However, Sahamongkol claim they are open to negotiations with Jaa beforehand.

Furious 7 hits US theaters on April 3.

(Via The Bangkok Post)