The Flash: A Closer Look at That One-Minute Trailer, And More

jla-flashpointYesterday saw not one, but two new trailers released for The Flash.

And with a lot of awesome going on, we figured it was worth taking a deep dive into that one-minute "rest of the season" trailer...but as long as we were at it, why not do the Harrison Wells-centric one, as well?

So here were our big takeaways from each...starting with the Wells trailer.

Check it out below...

flash-trailer-001Rip Hunter's Chalkboard

For those who haven't been reading here long, whenever there's a crazy investigation board like this one, or the one in The Amazing Spider-Man, I call it a "Rip Hunter chalkboard." That's because the Time Master -- recently cast in the forthcoming DC/CW spinoff series -- famously had one of these during 52 and Booster Gold Volume 2 that he used to reason out what was wrong with the broken timestream and how to fix it.

One has to wonder how much on this board is actually meant to be clues versus red herrings (another issue we had with Rip Hunter's boards, which were the brainchild of The Flash executive producer Geoff Johns). Is the fact that they apparently built S.T.A.R. on a "lost industrial site" a clue? Is the fact that Wells apparently had lost his cool when he lost university funding some kind of hint at important backstory? Hard to say...

Certainly "Police and S.W.A.T. tackle recent violence at Wells' S.T.A.R. Labs" seems like it bears follow-up. But then, not all of these images are from before the particle accelerator explosion, who knows? Maybe that's just from one of the episodes where a metahuman attacked.

flash-trailer-001White background

Another shot of the fight scene from last night's episode between the Flash and the Reverse Flash...and another look at the white background on Barry's logo, like in the comics.

It's worth noting that while it originally (in the pilot) seemed as though the Reverse Flash removed Barry from the room 15 years ago in order to kill Nora without putting the child at risk, yellow lightning trails coming from Barry in last night's episode seem to indicate that it was Barry who moved his younger self to safety.

Of course...where did Barry go after that?! How did a powerless Thawne get trapped in the past rather than apprehended? That scene raised a lot of questions.

amanda-pays"A completely different person"

I kind of saw this one coming; Amanda Pays' character is appearing in the next episode, and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to dive into the difference between Harrison Wells before and after his identity was stolen by Eobard Thawne.

Pays reprises her role from 1990s' The Flash, playing Dr. Tina McGee of Mercury Labs. She's a professional rival to Wells, and one who appears to have very little use for him personally...although it seems like they used to get along at one point.

Could whatever knowledge she imparts to Team Flash be key to putting some pieces together?

On to the main event...

That gun

Early on, we see a hand holding a gun, along with a small section of someone's back. Is it Barry? Hard to say; the jacket the person is wearing certainly looks like something Barry might wear. But the person he'd be most likely to try and kill is a speedster.

Is that Barry's plan for forcing Wells to out himself?

jla-flashpointThe money shot

Everyone is talking about the Justice League shot of Green Arrow, The Flash and Firestorm together. Recently-leaked set photos reveal that's from either the finale or the episode immediately before it and that they're facing off against the Reverse Flash in the shot.

Since The Flash's finale will air a week after Arrow's, the fact that Oliver Queen is wearing a League of Assassins outfit in the shot has led some fans to believe that he may actually end the season by taking over for Ra's al Ghul.

Others speculate that the scene could be taking place in an alternate timeline created by Barry and Thawne messing with the Speed Force, and that Oliver could become Ra's al Ghul in something akin to the Flashpoint Universe.

Either way, we finally get Robbie and Stephen Amell onscreen together!

All-Star Team-Up

We also get plenty of footage from next week's All-Star Team-Up, which features Ray Palmer, Felicity Smoak and Laurel Lance. Which is good, since the "Who is Harrison Wells?" trailer didn't really do a ton for informing fans about the next episode. It's all mostly stuff that we saw at the Paleyfest trailer, so we  won't go into too much depth here, but I've always enjoyed the moment where Laurel "comes out" to Cisco.

jla-flashpointSupervillain Team-Up

Then there's these three. No idea who the guy on the left is, although based on wardrobe and the decision to keep company with The Mist, I'd say maybe The Shade.

Of course, how The Mist and Weather Wizard got out of the prison in the basement of S.T.A.R. Labs is an interesting question. One has to wonder if the third villain was involved/responsible, or just Thawne/Wells.

groddNo help here...

...but there IS yet another best-yet look at Grodd.

wellsHere lies Harrison Wells.

NOW that scene from the Paleyfest trailer makes a ton more sense; Joe West and Quentin Lance are going to find the body of the original Harrison Wells!

Zoom Room

Barry is in Eobard Thawne's shady lair. How much will he learn there? Will Gideon tell him stuff? Will he see the newspaper?

hellociscoHello, Cisco

Looks like the most death-prone member of Team Flash is in trouble again.

General Eiling

Again, we've seen this before in the Paleyfest trailer...but it looks like Grodd spared Eiling to use him for...something.

Eddie fires

...And Eddie seemingly shoots some cops. Could he be under the control of Grodd, as well? Most logical thing I can think of.

familyAll in the family

Looks like Eobard and Eddie Thawne have a little disagreement...

flash-fashFlash vs. Flash

What's going on here? Is Thawne trying to discredit Barry? Is it a time travel thing? This is one of the odder shots in the trailer. 

Is there any significance to the 8928475-ayd on a bin behind them? Why does that light go on in the background as Flash is lifting the other Flash?

Bug-Eyed Bandit

We get to see Emily Kinney as the Bug-Eyed Bandit...and what looks like at least one, possibly two, footsoldiers working for her.

Are they H.I.V.E.?

genetics-soupWhat the heck?

Is this a new villain?

Well, actually, I think it might be the moment when Eobard Thawne, now found out, loses the Harrison Wells "genetic camouflage." That jaw line reminds me a bitt of Matt Letscher, the actor who played Thawne in the flashbacks.

ollieOliver's not fooling around

...Neither is Zoom.

UntitledWell, it certainly looks like this season is going to end with a major twist int he Oliver Queen/Barry Allen/Eobard Thawne relationship...!

Also...what's that ring Oliver is wearing? At first I thought it was the Reverse Flash's hand and there, a ring made sense, but here...I dunno.

speedingSpeeding bullets Barry trying to save Joe...or someone Joe just shot at?

Maybe this is Joe taking a shot at Eddie after Eddie shoots those cops, but it turns out he was mind-controlled and Barry saves Joe from killing an innocent man?

flashWhat's this?

This kind of looks like The Flash AND the Reverse Flash banging into The Flash. that the moment when Barry realizes that his mom can't be saved at the end of Flashpoint?