Stephen Amell Offers To Guest Star On Constantine If A Network Picks It Up


Earlier today, NBC decided to pass on a second season of Constantine, and now showrunners are on the hunt for a new network.

Maybe a cameo from Stephen Amell's Arrow/Oliver Queen could entice a network to give it a shot? That is what Amell is hoping as he tweeted the offer in support for Constantine.

Amell added, "Cant wait. Constantine & Queen want to get sh*t done. Let's make it happen."

Constantine, which is based on DC's Hellblazer comics, usually doesn't interact with DC's superheroes. The demon hunter is off in the supernatural corner of DC's Vertigo Comics imprint. So he hasn't had too many interactions with Green Arrow in the comics before the New 52 outside of Oliver Queen's bachelor party or telling Ollie in a London pub to mention his name to the dark forces in Sherwood Forest.

My point being: If they do have a crossover episode the writers will have to come up with an original story as there isn't much to mine from the comics before the New 52.

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