The Flash: What's The Mystery Ring On Eddie's Neck?


Spoiler Warning: The article contains spoilers for The Flash Season finale.

Just before his corpse ventured into the great unknown, Eddie Thawne from The Flash left viewers with quite the parting gift.

In the last clear shot of Eddie, just before he’s sucked into the wormhole, viewers can see a ring hanging around his neck. So, what could this ring be?


The easy answer is the engagement ring that Eddie bought for Iris West several episodes ago. As Eddie made it clear in the season finale, he was going to defy destiny and write his own future—one where Iris takes his hand instead of Barry's. The ring could have been a constant reminder for Eddie to keeping charting his own path and fighting the good fight against the time-stream. That, or the jewelry store had a no-refund policy. 

Like we said, easy. But, the much more alluring theory is that it’s a Reverse Flash ring looped on that chain. The Reverse Flash ring, for those not in the know, is what Eobard Thawne used to store his iconic Reverse Flash costume. Though the image is blurry, the pictured bling does seem far larger than your standard engagement ring, and has a golden hue to it. Eddie did spend a good amount of time with his evil descendant earlier this season, so who’s to say he didn’t swipe a spare ring in Reverse Flash’s hideout. But what good would it do him? Eddie clearly wanted to be a hero in season one—sacrificing his life to wipe Reverse Flash from existence—but who knows what could happen from there. With his body sent on a trip to the multiverse, Eddie could conceivably come back to life, gain super-speed, and somehow find the motivation to become a villain in fell episode. Sure it’s a stretch, but so are hyper intelligent gorillas with telekinesis. If or when Eddie changes his tune, he’ll have a Reverse Flash costume ready to go. And now that Eobard is dead and gone, The Flash is going to need a Reverse Speedster to pick up the mantle. The DC Universe does love its legacy characters, after all.

So what do you think readers? Is the ring around Eddie’s neck just an unrealized proclamation of love, or a sly setup for Eddie’s (potentially) yellow future? Let us know in the comments.

The Flash returns for its second season this fall on The CW.

Special thanks to reader Glauber for bringing this to our attention.