Disney/Pixar Announce COCO

Today, during the Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Upcoming Films panel at D23, Pixar announced a new feature film called, Coco.

John Lasseter took the stage to introduce the movie that used to be an untitled Dia De Los Muertos project from the filmmakers behind Toy Story 3. And before we knew it, Director Lee Unkrich and Producer Darla K. Andersen, took the stage next.

They talked about researching for the film. "They leave gifts for the spirits of their family members; it's like a family reunion that spans the divide between the lifving and the dead," Andersen told the crowd. Unkrich started thinking about what questions he would ask the family members and ancestors who were dead before he ever met them, and that made him start thinking about the film.

Several trips to Mexico informed the characters and story of the film. The main character Miguel is "a spirited 12 year-old boy growing up with a big family in rural Mexico." He discovers a generational mystery that "forever changes his fate."

The filmmakers revealed a clip showing people lighting candles at a cemetery. Suddenly, dancing, singing skeletons having a party. A skeleton mask falls off Miguel, and the other skeletons gasp.

What do you think ComicBook.com readers? Are you excited to see this?