Fear The Walking Dead: Kim Dickens Talks First Zombie Kill, What's Coming

Spoiler Warning: In an exclusive interview with ComicBook.com, Kim Dickens talks about her first zombie kill in the "So Close, Yet So Far" episode of Fear The Walking Dead.


CB: After this episode, Madison has now officially killed a zombie for the first time. It was no easy task, either! She had to grab the fire extinguisher to bash in her Principal's skull! What was that like for you as an actress and for Madison as a character?

KD: It happened quickly for her! What I really notice is, she hasn't told anybody! The only person that knows is Tobias, her student. I think it's fascinating how psychologically the characters have to reconcile. They have no knowledge about what this is or if it's curable. With each person, it's are they dead or just infected? Is it curable? But part of what is fascinating about this genre is to see survival and what would you do if it's survival or to protect your loved ones in that moment, what would you do?

[Madison] made a quick decision. She grabbed the closest thing to her, you know? These are not skilled characters and they're not prepared for the apocalypse. It's regular people. It's teachers. You use what's at hand and that's what's really fun about playing it. You have to kill people. We did most of it ourselves. It was really fun! I hate to say that but it was fun to be an actor!

What's the priority going forward? And isn't she worried a little bit about Travis being held up with his ex-wife?

Yeah, but these are adults. They both were married. It's a very realistic approach to it. It's life where we are right now. There's no need to pit ex-wife against the girlfriend. That's not an interesting story. I think that what can play out is he can't get back to me. Madison is like, "Just come back!" These are primal instincts we're faced with. I think that's where any question comes into it. But it's from a primal place, not a petty place.


Fear The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM EST on AMC.