Quentin Tarantino Describes Future Film Ideas

Tarantino Django

If you thought Quentin Tarantino would want to come back to the present time frame for his next film following The Hateful Eight and Django Unchained's Civil War settings, you were wrong.

The director recently opened up about the possibilities for his next films while on a press tour for The Hateful Eight's international launch and, though both set in the past, he's got some pretty interesting ideas in mind.

“I think I’ve done all the ones that I’ve had a burning desire to do” Tarantino told IGN. “A couple of things left that would be fun is I like the idea of doing a ‘30s gangster movie, so like Dillinger or Bonnie and Clyde kind of stuff. That’d be kind of cool."

A '30s gangster movie with the Tarantino touch and dialogue? Sign me up.

“And I like the idea of doing a Hollywood movie one of these days," he adds. "A movie that takes place in Hollywood. Maybe not now, but in a different era. That could be really cool.”

Would you like to see a Tarantino Hollywood noir film? Or are you just on board for the '30s gangster thriller?

The Hateful Eight is now playing in theaters.