The Rock Shares Moana Behind-The-Scenes Photo


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who is voicing the role of Maui in Disney's upcoming animated film Moana, has shared a behind-the-scenes snap of himself looking a bit nervous as he prepares to sing one of the film's musical numbers.

"Cardio and singing rehearsals.. Big day today of performing my song with Broadway king Lin Manuel Miranda today in the studio for our Disney's animated musical Moana," wrote The Rock. "Lin's writing our film's music and if you know his talents (star and creator of HAMILTON) you know how epically dope of an artist he is. Today I will sing, I will rap and do it all in keys that don't exist - yet somehow make it all sound wonderful to the world's ear. ? The honey coated gravel voice has entered the damn building..."

You can check out the photo below.


Moana is about a young girl who goes on a journey to discover herself and her connection to her family. Along the way, she teams-up with a once powerful demigod, Maui, who is on his own journey of self-discovery.

Walt Disney Animation Studios' 56th film, Moana, and will arrive in theaters November 23.