Is Sony Teasing A New Crash Bandicoot Game?

(Photo: Activision)

Is Sony's once-beloved unofficial mascot bound for a comeback? Are there plans for Crash Bandicoot to crash his way onto Sony's Playstation 4? While nothing is outright confirmed, there have been several homages made to him recently that could lead to a possible announcement soon.

There's been a few clues in the past few months. GameZone posted a few of them ranging from Shawn Layden, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) coming out during Playstation Experience wearing a Crash shirt. Now, it could simply be a nice homage to where Sony started and where it is now. I mean remember when they used Crash in pretty much everything? Including a commercial with him shouting at Nintendo headquarters?

That was 20 years ago! While Crash had some success, he was pushed aside by the likes of Nathan Drake and Kratos.

The biggest tease of all though, is that Sony's Middle East-based Twitter account posted this a few days ago.

It roughly translates to "Most Wanted. Where are you, Crash?"

E3 isn't too far off, so could this be Sony hinting that Crash could see his way on the PS4, or is it Sony just testing the waters to see if there's actual any want for something a thing? Now since Crash's rights belong to Activision, Sony would either need to partner up and collab or buy them outright. Either way, it seems that something is indeed afoot.

What do you think?