Robbie and Stephen Amell Raise $1 Million for Code 8 Film

"Code 8 just hit a million dollars!" was Stephen Amell's live announcement on Facebook today. "We want to thank everybody from the bottom of our hearts. Raising a million dollars with three days left in the campaign is nine steps north of amazing! It's all because of you guys, we're going to make a kick ass movie!"

The actor also announced they're announcing additional prizes for the campaign, including Amell's practice bow from Arrow, a premiere in Australia, and more.

Code 8 is a new, original film from cousins and fellow superhero actors Stephen and Robbie Amell. The movie is using Indiegogo crowdfunding to build the world of Code 8 from a short to a feature film. The film features a world where 4% of the world is born with superpowers, but most of them live in poverty and turn to lives of crime. The police build robotic officers to help them deal with these superpowered criminals, and Robbie Amell's character gets entangled with this special unit.

They were seeking $200,000 to help them along the way, and at press time have $1,046,183 with three days left. Check out the original short film above.