Stephen Amell Confirms Cody Rhodes for Season 5 Episode 3 Appearance


Earlier this month at Heroes and Villains Con in New Jersey, Stephen Amell, star of Arrow, announced that his friend and on-screen opponent former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes would be appearing on the show. The actor/athlete/performer left the pro wrestling organization earlier this year, but in 2015 had an extended storyline in which he, in his "Stardust" persona, was feuding with Stephen Amell. It all resulted in the pair fighting in a tag team match at Summerslam 2015.

Now, Rhodes is coming to Arrow for an undisclosed role that most assume is a villain-of-the-week style character. Now, thanks to Amell himself at San Diego Comic-Con, we know exactly when we'll see him on the show.

"It's incredibly exciting, man, and I think [Cody]'s really going to excel," Amell told during an interview at the show. "He's in 503, and I think it has a real chance to be an excellent episode."

Having Rhodes on the show early in the season means he might get a larger spotlight than later on. Earlier, Amell teased to us that the first half of the season is very "patient," while the second half "goes f***ing crazy." Of course, Team Arrow will return in some form throughout the season, but episode 3 might still give the pair significant one-on-one time, giving fans a version of the rematch from last year's wrestling pay-per-view.

Arrow season five hits The CW in October 2016, and Rhodes will appear just three weeks into the season.