Hit Board Game Wingspan Is Getting a Digital Version

The hit board game Wingspan will be coming to Steam in digital form. Earlier this week, Steam listed an official digital adaptation of Wingspan, the unique engine-building game involving birds published by Stonemaier Games earlier this year. The game is being developed by Monster Couch, a small video game developer based out of Poland. No release date or price has been listed for the digital version of Wingspan, but it appears that you'll need a PC to play the game on Steam.


Wingspan is a unique medium-weight game in which players try to attract the best birds to their nature reserves. Bird cards can be played to one of three different habitats, each of which offers its own unique resource that can be activated on a player's turn. During each turn, a player chooses to activate a habitat and collects either food, egg, or bird cards, which are then spent to add more birds to a habitat. The more birds in a habitat, the more resources a player generates on their turn. In addition, specific species of birds have bonus powers, which are activated either when played or when their habitat is activated. Players can set up powerful combinations of bird powers that can grant them food, eggs, or other beneficial effects. Players earn victory points by completing certain public or personal goals, and the player with the most victory points at the end of four rounds wins the game.

Wingspan was the first major board game hit of 2019 and has sold out at the publisher level multiple times. The first expansion for Wingspan is planned for release later this year, and will likely focus on birds from a single continent. Recently, Stonemaier Games also announced Tapestry, a new civ-building game with a planned release for later this year.

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