Get Your First Look at The Weatherman's New Jason Pearson Variant Cover

Things haven't gone the way the crew of the Disco Queen expected, and they've barely started their trip. Nathan, Amanda, and the rest of The Weatherman crew have already learned quite a bit about Earth's fate, and as it turns out it isn't as lifeless or as dormant as they thought. It's also far more dangerous than they thought it would be, and that will only get worse the longer they stay. Their adventure continues in The Weatherman Vol. 2 #3 later this week, but we've got an exclusive preview of the new variant cover for issue #4 from artist Jason Pearson, depicting Nathan's trauma at the hands of the Pearl back in Vol. 1, and you can check out the awesome new cover below.

The cover shows Nathan undergoing the brutal machine of Pearl's that allows people to connect to his mind and do whatever they like to him, and Nathan feels it all. That means they can burn him alive or hunt him down with an ax and if they catch him he will feel as if that's actually happening, all for a price. The women around him are looking at the camera, but for Nathan, this is anything but an opportunity for a selfie.

We've seen quite a bit happen to this team already in Vol. 1, but artist Nathan Fox recently teased we haven't seen anything yet.

(Photo: Image Comics)

"So excited to share the next chapter of Nathan Bright and Agent Cross' journey in THE WEATHERMAN Vol. 2," Fox told "This time around, Cross and Nathan's search for Nathan's lost memory takes them to far-future Earth, where Nathan's past self is alleged to have carried out a terrorist attack that wiped out almost the entire population. In Vol. 2 we're going to learn much more about the nature of that attack--what exactly happened and what remains. Needless to say Earth's not nearly as lifeless as it seems. I won't spoil the details but the end result sees Nathan and Cross fighting for their lives against terrifying, flesh-eating, mashups of animal DNA the likes of which we've never seen. Things are about to get a whole lot more harrowing for the crew of the Disco Queen."

(Photo: Image Comics)

The Weatherman Vol. 2 #4 is written by Jody LeHeup and drawn by Nathan Fox and features covers by Fox, Pearson, and Andrew Robinson. You can check out the official description for the issue below.

(Photo: Image Comics)

"Time is running out! On the run and hunted by Kestrel’s forces, Nathan and Cross battle their way to the frozen heart of Nyseth’s Arctic lab, hoping to finally collect the hard drive containing Nathan’s former identity. But when Nathan is separated from the rest of the crew, he’ll have to make an impossible decision. Save Cross, who will erase his mind to save humanity, or save himself—and doom the galaxy!"

The Weatherman Vol. 2 #4 hits comic stores on September 18th.

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