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New High Moon is on the Way

Russ Burlingame


Papercutz is reviving David Gallaher and Steve Ellis's beloved comic series High Moon, complete with an all-new conclusion, in 2017.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news earlier this week, revealing that the series -- which debuted as part of DC's short-lived Zuda Comics imprint in 2007 -- will be back in May.

High Moon, created by Only Living Boy creators David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, was one of the most acclaimed projects to come out of the early days of digital comics. A decade ago, two print volumes were released by DC Entertainment, and those will be reprinted by arrangement with Papercutz's Super Genius imprint, which will finish off the storyline with a third volume that includes new content.

During its run with Zuda, High Moon won a Harvey Award for best online series, and also was nominated for best new series at the 2009 awards.

In High Moon, former Pinkerton agent turned bounty hunter finds himself unexpectedly squaring off against werewolves.

"The Western is experiencing a renaissance with smart new stories, like the genre-bending Westworld and the upcoming Logan and The Dark Tower films," Gallaher told THR. "These are epic tales of lawlessness and justice, set against a savage, unforgiving landscape. With High Moon, we're wrestling with those same themes while breaking a lot of the genre's tropes. Plus there’s a certain wicked glee about having shootouts at sundown with a werewolf."

“David Gallaher and Steve Ellis are extremely gifted storytellers and their smart and relevant story is a natural fit for this imprint,” Horror Talk quoted Super Genius Editor-in-Chief Jim Salicrup as saying. “I immediately gravitated to High Moon’s classic themes of xenophobia and self-reliance which are as relevant today as they ever have been.”

“A decade ago, we began designing these tough guy heroes, magnificent landscapes, and unearthly creatures,” said co-creator and artist Steve Ellis. “With Super Genius publishing High Moon, we can create the full story, as we always envisioned.”

The new editions will feature new cover artwork from Ellis, and printed in a larger format than the original DC trades. Each volume will be simultaneously published in hardcover and paperback formats, for $24.99 and $14.99, respectively.

The first volume, High Moon: Bullet Holes and Bite Marks, will be released in October, with the second following in May 2018. No official word yet on when the new content will come along.

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