Code Geass Star On The Anime's Surprising Revival

Code Geass fans are anxious about their favorite series now, after their world got turned upside down over the past couple months. After nearly a decade a third season of the show was reportedly announced, and launched a full blown anime-fan frenzy. Even though there is no telling when the third season may air, fans are already speculating the release after the upcoming compilation films in early 2018. The new season came as a surprise to many fans, but apparently it was a surprise to voice actors involved in the series as well.

Johnny Young Bosch is one of the voice actor behind what makes Code Geass English Dub so great. Bosch plays the main protagonist of the series, Lelouch Lamperouge, and fans love his voice acting. Even though there has not been an English Dub or cast announced, that didn't stop fans asking Bosch, and other Code Geass voice actors their thoughts on a new season.

At the Anime Triad Con in North Carolina, a fan asked Bosch about the new season in a small panel. She voiced the concern and worry many Code Geass fans felt about a new season. "Some people are concerned about new writers...", she said, "because the new writers last 2 anime tanked. So what's your take on a new season?"

Bosch was quick to jump in with an answer, "When I first heard there was another season i was like mhmmm," the voice actor said with a shrug and smile. "Because it was a great ending!" Many fans agree with this sentiment, as the end of Season 2 of Code Geass was ambiguous and conclusive, so why make a new season so long from now? The voice actor then took shots at another popular anime, "Where as Bleach was like mmmhm, you can give us a little more than that." He then went on to talk about his thoughts about a new season,

"It's just hard to tell really... With a show like Code Geass, it was really popular and made lots of money, and it just ended and it continued to make money after that. They (the company behind the franchise) were like hmm, maybe we should bring it back. That's the Nature of it right? It's a risk. I hope it's going to be great! But you never know..."

These words were not what fans wanted to hear from the mouth of Lelouch himself, star of the upcoming new season. It seems that Bosch thinks that this new season is all about the money and not the story or fans. I guess Bosch, like fans, will just have to wait and see if the risk pays off.