Fullmetal Alchemist Live-Action Movie Gives Close-Up Look At Alphonse

The Full Metal Alchemist live action film is coming to Japanese theaters at the end of the year and from what has been shown so far, it looks pretty awesome. One of the things that fans of the original anime were worried about, is the live action adaptation of the infamous brothers. The movie has shown off the two brothers in a couple trailers, and now fans get a to see Alphonse up close and personal. The film tweeted an awesome close up image of the full body of the metal clad brother, which can be seen below.

With the film coming later this year, Square Enix wants to catch fans up as they plan on re-releasing the manga online. The entire series is going to be re-released on Gangan Online.

Hiromi Arakawa's Fullmetal Alchemist manga first ran in Square Enix's Monthly Shonen Gangan from 2001-2010. The Monthly Shonen Gangan is known for other FMA as well as other popular manga runs such as Soul Eater, and a number of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts spin-offs.

The upcoming new release will run on the website Gangan Online, with new installments being uploaded every Monday and Thursday. The first chapter is up here in the website's manga viewer.

Along with the announcement of the manga release, the company also released information about an upcoming official Full Metal Alchemist fan event. The event is going to be held on July 12, and the event will take place at Cinemart Shinjuku, and there will be 500 seats available. Actors and staff from the upcoming live-action film will be at the event. Romi Park (Edward) and Rie Kugimiya (Alphonse) will be hosting a special "Elric Brothers Special Talk Event," and film actors Tsubasa Honda (Winry Rockbell), Kanata Hongo (Envy), and Ryuta Sato (Maes Hughes) will be joining the director, Fumihiko Sori for a open panel about the upcoming film. You can apply online for a ticket to the big event here, and attendees will be randomly chosen for invitation.


If you are unfamiliar with Full Metal Alchemist, the series follows brothers Edward and Alphonse after their mother tragically passes. They attempt to use alchemy to resurrect her, but the attempt takes Edward’s arm and leg - and it takes Alphonse’s entire body. Determined to get their bodies restored, Edward and Alphonse try to become State Alchemists so they can find the location of a powerful item known as the Philosopher’s Stone. But their journey ultimately leads them into a seedy world of government corruption and mass genocide.

This year, fans of the shonen series will be able to see more of the Elric Brothers than they have for some time. In December, Warner Bros. Japan will release the first live-action adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Fullmetal Alchemist will debut in Japan on December 1.