Check Out Brock And Misty's New Looks In 'Pokemon Sun & Moon'

Brock and Misty are back! It's been some time since Pokemon fans have seen the pair in their beloved anime. However, let's just say that Ash isn’t the only one to have received a facelift in Pokemon Sun & Moon.

Both Brock and Misty will be making guest appearances in the Pokemon Sun & Moon anime, with the episodes set to air on September 14th and September 21st. In these episodes, Ash and Pikachu will return to Kanto for a school project where he then bumps into his old friends.

The voice actress of Misty, Mayumi Lizuka, is thrilled with the announcement, as are Pokemon fans. However, this may not be the Brock and Misty that fans know and remember from the past. It was already apparent that Ash's style was changing, but this is the first time fans have seen Brock and Misty looking so different.

The new Pokemon anime has thus far been a success, like the Pokemon Sun and Moon video games before it. The games were some of Nintendo’s fastest selling games ever with more than 14.6 million copies sold worldwide since the end of 2016. Pokemon Sun and Moon represent the seventh generation of Pokemon games, and they were released in celebration of the franchise's 20th anniversary.