'Naruto' Fans Can't Stop Laughing About This New Weapon In 'Boruto'

Boruto is leading a new wave of fans to Naruto, but plenty of longtime fans are following the sequel as it goes along. After years of following Naruto’s journeys, otakus have been eager to see how Boruto can add to the universe, but it looks like fans can’t take one weapon seriously at all.

In the most recent chapter of Boruto, readers met up with Konohamaru as the ninja poked around a crashed aircraft far away from the Hidden Leaf. The boy runs into a high-tech coffin complete with a keyboard and data port, but Konohamaru is able to work around the information blockade.

Like any good ninja, Konohamaru is armed with a USB Scroll.

As the chapter moves forward, readers looked on as the Leaf ninja uploaded any lingering data onto his fancy ninja scroll before he and his lookout were attacked. Konohamaru’s dive into data decryption was a short one, but it was enough to pique the interest of fans. Boruto has made strides to incorporate different tech into the Naruto universe, but few ninja tools have brought about such buzz like Konohamaru’s trusty USB Scroll.

There is little known about the tool itself, but fans can rest assured that the Leaf’s Scientific Ninja Weapons Team is behind it. Boruto introduced the organization back in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, and it seems the group has a bigger presence than expected.

In the film, the group’s go-to researcher Katasuki created a different piece of tech that he had Boruto show off. The ninja created a gauntlet known as Kot that could release pre-scrolled jutsu attacks and even manipulate elemental chakra. Boruto used the device during his Chunin Exams, but it doesn’t seem like Kote stopped there. The eccentric researcher also found a way to upload digital information into an ink-and-paper scroll. So, really, you can’t blame Naruto fans for chuckling at the leaps and bounds the franchise has taken with its sequel.

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