'Attack On Titan' Just Set Up [SPOILER] To Frame Eren

Warning! Spoilers for Attack on Titan’s 99th chapter lie below!

Attack on Titan is on the cusp of a major manga milestone, but fans are too busy fretting over its newest chapter to care. Hajime Isayama will publish his 100th chapter in the coming weeks, and fans are counting down the days already. After all, the artist’s latest update left readers dangling on one impressive cliffhanger.

When the 99th chapter of Attack on Titan went live, fans were left to follow Reiner Braun as the turncoat got a rather rude reminder. The Marley soldier was brought face-to-face with Eren who snuck into the country, and Reiner was forced to sit with the Titan Shifter while a play carried on up above them.

William Tybur could be heard narrating a play above the two characters as a whole camp of Eldians listened in. Some of Marley’s most important people came to attend the special get-together, and it was there Willy dropped a bombshell about the country. According to the man, Marley was never truly at odds with the Fritz family, and their true enemy is none other than Eren Jaeger now.

The play ended on a tense note, and fans are all but certain that Attack on Titan will use the event to make its 100th chapter one to remember. Eren and a few other Survey Corps members were seen infiltrating the camp where Willy’s gathering was being held, and one too many things have signaled another bloody plot twist.

As readers noted, one too many things have fallen in place for Willy. The man has set up Eren to become the perfect villain, and Willy may be working as a mouthpiece for the entire Tybur Family to frame Eren for - say - the murder of everyone in the Eldian camp. Pieck and Porco were taken away from the play under pretense, and Zeke was ushered away as well. With no one at the scene to protect the audience, there is no telling what kind of mayhem Willy could cause to set Marley into full-on war with Paradis, but things may not go the way the Tybur wanted.

After all, it’s not like the fighter is expecting Eren to be sitting underneath him.

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