Did ‘Dragon Ball Super’s New Ending Tease Ultra Instinct Vegeta?

Dragon Ball Super made a triumphant return tonight by sharing its first episode of 2018. The comeback pitted Vegeta against Jiren in a high-stakes battle, so fans pretty much forgot that a new ending was slated to debut tonight.

However, the ending’s final shot quickly reminded them of the arrival. After all, it may have hinted at Vegeta going Ultra Instinct.

The new ending may not sit well with every fan, but it does have Vegeta stans on the edge. In the outro’s last moments, fans are shown a montage of the Tournament of Power’s fighters with Goku and Vegeta standing before them all. The pair even outshine Jiren who has been a major focus of the anime as of late, and Vegeta has stirred up controversy with his looks.

As you can see below, Goku is in his Ultra Instinct form in the final card. His black hair is up, and Goku’s silver eyes are on display as a white aura surrounds him. Vegeta has that same aura surrounding him as he goes Super Saiyan Blue, but his eyes are the things making fans do a double-take.

If you look closely, Vegeta seems to have a silver glint to his eyes despite being in Super Saiyan Blue. The look could just be an artistic error, but fans are starting to bet whether the silver hue and Vegeta’s white aura are hinting at something more. This new ending is meant to see Dragon Ball Super through the ‘Universal Survival’ arc, so it is not impossible to think it would tease the story’s upcoming twists. Vegeta could very well unlock the power-up despite his recent comments against Ultra Instinct, so Vegeta fans should not give up on the Saiyan’s chances just yet.

Do you think Vegeta will unlock Ultra Instinct before the Tournament of Power closes? Or will he save the power-up for another time? Hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to let me know and talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!