Avengers: Endgame Officially Getting Re-Released With New Footage (Exclusive)


Avengers: Endgame Officially Getting Re-Released With New Footage (Exclusive)

This 'Pokemon' Cubone Cosplay Redefines Pet Goals

Pokemon's one of the most popular franchises around because fans often wonder what it would be like to befriend the titular pocket monsters in real life. This latest cosplay just made the thought that much cuter, too.

Spotted on Reddit, a cute Corgi pup did his best Cubone cosplay and now the world of Pokemon is far more cuter than anyone could have predicted.

Corgi Cubone, a Corgbone if you will from r/aww

Fans have dubbed the Corgi in the Cubone mask as "Corgbone" and was subsequently even given the nickname for its Marowak evolution "Marowoof." But although the resulting cosplay is cute, fans can't help but remind themselves of Cubone's tragic description.

It's official description in Pokemon's Pokedex reads as such, "Cubone pines for the mother it will never see again. Seeing a likeness of its mother in the full moon, it cries. The stains on the skull the Pokémon wears are made by the tears it sheds." And now fans can't help but think of the potentially tragic root of this cosplay. Thankfully, it doesn't seem like any animals were harmed for the cosplay and the Corgi puppy itself is just cutely enjoying his new outfit.

If you're itching for more Pokemon, Twitch is airing a special marathon for the series that will explore all nine seasons of the series. Between now and October 22, fans can watch along with others as fans relive some of the series most fun, and even saddest moments.

Pokemon: Adventures in the Orange Islands began on September 3. After that, Pokemon: The Johto Journeys starts on Sept. 10, and Pokeomon: Johnto League Champions on Sept. 17. The following week, Pokemon: Master Quest starts, and then on Oct. 1 Pokemon Advanced. Each of the following weeks introduces another season -- Pokemon: Advanced Challenge, Pokemon: Advanced Battle and Pokemon: Battle Frontier. Check out Twitch for the exact schedule.


Fans will also be able to get more Pokemon in the next film, The Power of Us. The film is currently screening in Japan, and will release in the United States at a later date. Pokemon: The Power of Us is described as such:

“In a town where people live with the wind, the legendary Pokemon Lugia appears on the final day of an event that is held once a year known as the Wind Festival, and people enjoy the wind’s grace just like a promise received long ago. Coincidentally, Satoshi and Pikachu, who were participating in the Wind Festival, meet five people. Is this the promise Lugia preserved? And what is the identity of the Phantom Pokemon Zeraora? Now, people and Pokemon, everyone’s bond can create a miracle.”