Dragon Ball Super's Latest Chapter Shares Ominous Cliffhanger About Moro's Third Wish

By the end of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 48, Moro and his lackey Cranberry had made three wishes on the Namekian Dragon Balls. The first was to heal Cranberry, which didn't amount to much as Moro betrayed and killed him moments later. The second was to restore the evil ancient wizard to his full power, making him incredibly dangerous to the likes of Goku and Vegeta.

But by the time our heroes caught up with him Moro had already made his third and final wish, causing Porunga to disappear and the Namekian Dragon Balls to scatter across the planet. The pair demanded to know that the third wish was, but the only answer Moro gave was, "You'll know soon enough."

Many fans expected the mystery surrounding Moro's wish would be solved by the end of the next manga chapter, which dropped on Thursday. But the issue stopped just before Moro explained what he wished for, leaving the story on a cliffhanger.

The issue ends with Merus distracting Moro long enough to allow the Grand Supreme Kai to grab on to him and teleport him back to New Namek. Goku and Vegeta, who are back at full power after having their energy restored, challenge Moro to another fight. But Moro simply laughs at them both.

"I don't think you comprehend the situation," Vegeta says to Moro.

"We're about to destroy you once and for all!" Goku adds.

"Ha Ha Ha! So foolish. So naive," Moro says. "You seem to have forgotten something quite important. The Third Wish!"

What Moro wished for is anyone's guess until the next chapter (scheduled to release on Jul 20). But given his reaction to the threat of being killed, it's possible he wished for immortality and is under no real threat from the two Sayians.


Dragon Ball Super has already featured one villain who used to Dragon Balls to make himself immortal in Zamasu, though he was blinked out of existence by Zeno.

To make matters worse, the issue revealed that the Grand Supreme Kai can't use the same sealing technique (the Kai Kai Matoru) he used to beat Moro in their first encounter 10 million years prior. It was explained that because Majin Buu split his evil and good sides apart during the Buu Saga, his god powers resided inside Kid Buu when Goku destroyed him with the Spirit Bomb. Moro quickly realized this as well, giving him the upper hand in their rematch in outer space.