Detective Pikachu Blu-ray, DVD Special Features Highlight Mr. Mime

There were many Pokemon in the first Hollywood live adaptation of the universe in Detective Pikachu that attempted to "steal the show". Pikachu of course was our titular character who wasn't just voiced by Ryan Reynolds, but also had the most screen time of any of the pocket monsters. Psyduck's patented confusion made for a quick win with audiences as he wandered around clueless during his run time. Though perhaps no Pokemon was as well received as the bizarre Mr. Mime, who will be getting special features on the Blu-Ray/DVD release highlighting his "antics".

Pokemon resource posted the news regarding the Mime features from the upcoming release, breaking down that fans can expect to see a special "Mr. Mime commentary" during the film itself:

Of course, fans of the clown-like Pokemon will know this is hilarious due to his constant silence meaning you just will be watching a regular version of the film. Mime himself was a staple in the film, creating one of the most iconic scenes from the movie with Detective Pikachu and Tim Goodman attempting to interrogate the jokester to no avail.

Mime Pika
(Photo: Legendary Entertainment)

Mr. Mime has always been a creepy, albeit steadfast creature in the Pokemon Universe. In the anime series, Mime hangs out a lot with Ash Ketchum's mother, with some fans even spreading the rumor that this impish creature may in fact be Ketchum's father! While there is no confirmation on this, the implications of this reveal would certainly be something that would shake the structure of the Pokemon series to its core.

Wille you be picking up the Detective Pikachu home video release now that you know it has a "special" Mr. Mime commentary track? What else are you hoping to see as a special feature on the release? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime!


Pokemon: Detective Pikachu will be coming digitally for fans to purchase on July 23rd with a physical release on August 6th (pre-orders are live now). The official synopsis for the film reads as such, "The story begins when ace detective Harry Goodman goes mysteriously missing, prompting his 21-year-old son Tim to find out what happened. Aiding in the investigation is Harry’s former Pokémon partner, Detective Pikachu: a hilariously wise-cracking, adorable super-sleuth who is a puzzlement even to himself. Finding that they are uniquely equipped to communicate with one another, Tim and Pikachu join forces on a thrilling adventure to unravel the tangled mystery.

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