Black Clover Shares Surprising Opening Theme Update

Black Clover may have officially kicked off its hugest arc in the anime to date, but fans were surprised to see that the series will not be getting a new opening theme sequence until sometime in August. The series may have already launched its new ending theme, but it's going to be a little bit before fans get an entirely new opening. But it's all doom and gloom as the latest episode of the series shared a surprising update to the series' current opening.

Episode 92 of the series revealed that the last 30 seconds or so of the current opening theme has some brand new scenes teasing many of the major reveals in that episode and in future episodes to come.

The seventh opening theme of the series, "JUSTadICE" as performed by Seiko Oomori, has a sequence that remains mostly the same up until those final 30 seconds. In the new scene, the Wizard King prepares for a battle against Licht of the Eye of the Midnight Sun -- which began in full in Episode 92. There are a few other key scenes in this update, but they are a bit spoiler heavy if you dig into what they mean a little too much.


But for now, the major change involves the Wizard King and fans started to see his capabilities in full in Episode 92. In the fight with Licht, who turned out to be sharing a body with the Golden Dawn Captain William Vangeance, the Wizard King showed off a lot of his power fueled by his time magic. But as the opening theme update suggests, this battle is far from over as the true kick off of the invasion arc draws near.

Yuki Tabata first created Black Clover for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 2015. The popular series follows two young boys named Asta and Yuno who are growing up in a world where magic is everything. Asta, unfortunately, seems to have been born without magical powers while Yuno is a young prodigy whose magical powers rival that of the strongest magic users in the Clover Kingdom, the Magic Knights. The two young boys now strive to become the strongest wizard in the Clover Kingdom, The Wizard King. You can currently find the Japanese language version with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, and the English language dub can be seen on FunimationNow and Saturday evenings on Adult Swim's Toonami block.