Popular YouTuber King Vader Unveils Hood Naruto The Movie

Anime fans are some of the most creative out there as the medium has helped to inspire all kinds of new art and expression. Channeling their creativity through slick fan-art, cosplay, and even fan films, some of the most popular spins on the medium have come from popular YouTuber King Vader (who you can find on YouTube here). King Vader's previous spins on anime have resulted in hilarious and cool take on franchises like Dragon Ball, Cowboy Bebop, but his spin on Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto has undoubtedly been the major standout.

Building on years of work, King Vader has unveiled his most ambitious project yet, Hood Naruto The Movie, which takes his spin on the famous shonen hero and expands it with a much larger world with a scope fit for an anime film. Check it out in the video above!

While a live-action of Naruto may never quite get off the ground, excellent fan works like this prove that the concept can be translated quite well. There's a bit more humor injected here than what you would probably expect from a live-action Naruto endeavor, but it's one of the reasons this Hood Naruto series has been such a big hit. But along with the recognizable dances comes a deeper narrative exploring the character King Vader has been setting up for quite a while.


But now that there's been a full Hood Naruto movie, fans are wondering which series will get the full movie treatment next. There are lots of fun anime out there that would go to another level with King Vader's help, and it would get boosted even further with another film! You might want to keep an eye out to see what comes next! +

If you're not familiar with Naruto, here is a brief rundown: The series follows its titular hero named Uzumaki Naruto as the ninja strives to become his village's most powerful fighter. After being orphaned at birth, the hero became his hometown's pariah as a powerful demon was sealed into him. Naruto is determined to prove he isn't a dead-last, so he decides he will become the Hokage of the Leaf Village to make others acknowledge him. However, the boy's dream is not an easy one to reach as political corruption, extremist organizations, and supernatural plots threaten the entire ninja world. The series proved so popular, in fact, that it eventually spawned a sequel following the children of the original heroes - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.