Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Drops Update on Season 2

Adventure Time's legacy dates back to 2010 over on Cartoon Network.

Adventure Time is unlike any series the world has seen. Created in 2010, the fantasy series was a quick hit with audiences upon its launch, and it did not take long for Adventure Time to amass an army of fans. From kids to young adults, the whimsical vibe of Adventure Time made the series into a mega hit. Since its finale, the show has carried on with spin offs like Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, and fans just got an update on the show's second season.

The update comes from social media as production carries on with Adventure Time's spin off. The team has all eyes on season two, and taking to X (Twitter), an artist known as Dave shared they just started a new role on Fionna and Cake.

"Hey guess who just started supervising on the latest season of FIONNA and CAKE," Dave wrote before posting an illustration of the show's leads. Fans and fellow artists were quick to send congrats to Dave, and this is far from their first gig in animation. Previously, Dave worked on OK KO and Craig of the Creek, two very popular animated titles that debuted long after Adventure Time's launch.

If you are not familiar with Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, you should know the series go its start on Max exclusively in August 2023. The premiere was met with rave reviews as creator Adam Muto stressed the spin off was made with adult fans in mind. After all, young fans who started Adventure Time in 2010 grew up with the series during its eight-year run. Their tastes evolved as well, so Fionna and Cake was given wiggle room to explore an older demographic.

After a stellar first season, Fionna and Cake was given approval for season two. If you have not checked out season one already, the entire thing is streaming on Max. And as for the original Adventure Time series, you can find Jake and Finn's journey on Max as well.

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