Aggretsuko Getting Official Comic Series

Aggretsuko may be one of the angriest Sanrio characters out there, but she sure isn't upset about [...]

Aggretsuko may be one of the angriest Sanrio characters out there, but she sure isn't upset about her latest endeavor. Not long ago, a report went live which confirmed the heroine is getting a comic book of her own, and fans of the Netflix series will not want to miss out on the series.

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter shared the news of Aggretsuko getting its own comic series with the world. The trade confirmed the comic will begin in 2020 under One Press. Creators Daniel Barnes and D.J. Kirkland will oversee the series.

According to the report, Aggretsuko will see its comic series go live just in time for season three. The anime is slated to return to Netflix in 2020 with a new season, so this comic series will help promote all things Sanrio next year.

Speaking about the comic book, Barnes shared a statement where he praised the relatability of Aggretsuko.

"What makes Aggretsuko soooo amazing is that it's extremely relatable," the co-creator shared. "We've all had to deal with the existential nightmares of the workforce, and we've all had really, really bad bosses. I never thought I'd be able to identify with a red panda that loves death metal so much! I'm super stoked to join Retsuko and her co-workers in all their workplace misadventures!"

Continuing, Kirkland added that Aggretsuko -- or Retsuko rather -- has become his favorite Sanrio character thanks to her personality.

"Growing up, I've loved so many of the Sanrio characters like Badtz Maru and Pochacco. But after meeting Retsuko, she has definitely taken the crown. I've worked my fair share of desk jobs in my adult life and being able to bring these personal experiences to Aggretsuko's world is going to be a lot of fun! Daniel and I have some fun stuff planned."

For those wanting to check out the series, there is no firm release date yet. Oni Press has only confirmed the Aggretsuko series will hit print starting February 2020.

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Currently, the first two seasons of Aggretsuko are streaming on Netflix. Each episodes run for 15 minutes each with Rareko directing and writing the scripts for the series. As for Aggretsuko, she is an unassuming red panda who works in an office. She's 25 years old, and deals with the harsh mundanities of every day office life. As she deals with her office co-workers, she slowly builds up a rage meter until she can vent her frustrations with heavy metal karaoke on her off time.