Anime Gift Guide: Funimation Suits Up with Deals on Shirts, Garden Gnomes, and Goku

The holidays will be here before we know it, and it goes without saying that festivities will look different this year. Virtual dinners and distanced parties will be the norm as families across the country come together to see the year out. Of course, some things will stay the same, and there are enough goodies out there to fill a gift list ten times over. So if you are looking to get something for the anime lover in your life, Funimation has more than a few treats to entice you!

If you head over to Funimation, you will find that its store is loaded with goods that will make any fan happy. ComicBook.coom got its hand on several of the brand's hottest holiday items, and we can say we are enamored with the My Hero Academia movie bundle that comes with an actual garden gnome. And yes, you read that right! This adorable bundle includes My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and either a miniature garden gnome of Izuku Midoriya or Katsuki Bakugo. You can nab the movie bundle for $99 USD or simply grab the garden gnomes together for $55 USD.

funimation gifts

You might be more interested in wearing your fandom, and Funimation has you covered there! The company has released a new Dragon Ball Z shirt that showcases Shenron in his retro glory. This top is going for $9 USD, and there are plenty of other shirts available through Funimation for fandoms like Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, and more. There are also tons of FiGPiNs available such as a $50 USD set featuring Broly and Gogeta from Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Of course, the holidays are also a time for Funko giving, and we have just the gift for you to peep! Funimation has brought together its exclusive chrome figures into a bundle for just $50 USD. The set includes chrome vinyls of Goku & Nimbus, Ken Kaneki, Beerus, Vegeta, All Might, and Natsu.

Finally, my personal favorite item comes with some unique Christmas ornaments. For $80 USD, you can nab a set of My Hero Academia ornaments the will make your holiday tree look PLUS ULTRA. The eight-piece bundle includes notable heroes and villains, so you can make Dabi celebrate the holidays with Shoto if you so choose! And if the otaku in your life would rather stream anime all year at no cost, you can gift them a year-long subscription to Funimation with a gift card to all the hottest series with ease!


Will you be picking up any of these gifts from Funimation for the holidays...? Let us know in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.