One of Manga's Biggest Harem Series Is Getting an Anime

Every industry has its trends, and these days, the anime sector has a slew of popular genres floating around. Isekai titles remain a favorite as always, but its popularity is overshadowed by another entry. It is hard to topple the hold harem anime has on the fandom, and soon, one of its most popular manga will be getting an anime of its own.

Yes, the report has been confirmed. Creators Rikito Nakamura and Yukiko Nozawa will see The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You hit the small screen soon enough. An anime adaptation by Bibury Animation Studios has been announced, and the project plans to drop this year.

Of course, the wild (and rather long) title alone should raise some eyebrows. This rom-com harem hails from Weekly Young Jump, and it is ongoing to this day. As for its premise, The 100 Girlfriends tells the story of Rentaro Aijo as he enters high school and finds himself ladened with 100 soulmates.

You read that right. Rentaro has 100 soulmates, and if he wants to keep them alive, he needs to date all of them. The God of Love informs Rentaro he must make all his soulmates fall in love with them lest they die. And when given the ultimatum, the first-year high schooler decides to date all 100 girls at once while keeping them in the dark.

Of course, harem romcoms are not to everyone's tastes, but this particular title is a huge hit. Last year, The 100 Girlfriends ranked eighth in a poll from AnimeJapan that asked users which manga titles needed anime adaptations ASAP. With over one million copies in circulation, the seinen anime is only going to get bigger once Bibury Animation Studios brings The 100 Girlfriends to life. So if you want to know more about the harem, you can read its official synopsis below:

"Aijo Rentaro has asked a hundred girls out and struck out every time. In desperation, he prays for guidance, only to be told by a god that his rejections were due to a cosmic mishap! Now this god will set things right by making sure Aijo gets one hundred dates. Except, as things often go with gods, there's a catch: each of his one hundred dates is Aijo's destined soulmate! Worse, if he doesn't return their feelings, they'll all die in horrible and hilarious accidents!"

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