New Report Ranks the Most-Streamed Anime of 2022

The anime industry has moved on to the new year, and of course, fans are excited to see what 2023 holds for them. From new series to returning favs, the fandom is in store for some big treats. There are still plenty of fans catching up with everything last year had to offer as well, and now, we know what series dominated the scene in 2022. After all, new data is here and it outs the most-streamed anime of the last year.

So if you have any guesses about the results, make them now. There were tons of solid shows last year, but only one could come out on top.

As for the winner? Well, it would be Spy x Family. The organization Gem Standard pulled data from across Japan to figure out which shows were streamed the most nationwide in 2022. Using rating data, the team confirmed Spy x Family won by a landslide with a ranking of 6.5 across all services.

When it comes to second place, Demon Slayer took home the award with a score of 3.9 while One Piece hit up third place with 3.3. If you want to know what the top ten picks were, you can find the full list below:

  1. Spy x Family
  2. Demon Slayer
  3. One Piece
  4. Detective Conan
  5. Attack on Titan
  6. Kingdom
  7. Chainsaw Man
  8. Jujutsu Kaisen
  9. Gundam: The Witch From Mercury
  10. My Hero Academia

The top twenty was also released for fans to browse, and a few curious picks made the list. Doraemon scored 11th ahead of Osama Ranking, Crayon Shin-chan, Dragon Ball, and Pokemon. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was also a popular series to binge as it ranked 16th, and the list wrapped with Haiku, Gintama, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Golden Kamuy. So if you haven't taken the time to check out these shows, you might want to join in on the goodies ASAP!

Did you stream any of these series last year? What titles are you planning to binge in 2023? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.